Blue Quest Inc.raised capital from strategic partners in the Series A.

We hereby announces that Tokyo-based Blue Quest Incorporation (President&CEO: Tatsuya Asakawa) Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was held on August 30, 2013 and resolved to increase the company shares through third-party allocation and shareholders allotment of new shares. The subscribers of the newly issued shares include Striders Corporation (Head Office: 5-13-5 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President&CEO: Ryoichi Hayakawa; JASDAQ Code: 9816; “Striders”).

Upon the capital increase, the current major shareholders of Blue Quest include Tatsuya Asakawa (President & CEO), Striders, and SMBC Venture Capital.

Blue Quest has been established since July, 2013 by splitting from WillArk Company Limited (“WillArk”) in order to concentrate on pursuing the business of publishing overseas popular online games for PCs and smart phones, fully utilizing our expertise in game content localization and game distribution.

While WillArk had attained some successes in developing and publishing mobile games including “Goddess Frontier”, we decided to split the company and establish Blue Quest to restructure our business portfolio. The purpose of the restructure is to realign and expand our ongoing publishing business of overseas games targeted to the highly growing domestic market.

Blue Quest retains the publishing licenses of the games developed overseas including “Atlantis Saga”, “Astro Garden” and “Warzone”. We plan to obtain new licenses of European and North American popular game titles in a timely manner and focus on acquiring and expanding customers in the Japanese market for the time being.

In the future, Blue Quest seeks to establish business scheme to publish Japanese blockbuster game titles for the rapidly growing domestic and overseas mobile market, and explores business opportunities in the areas of cooperating with local companies and marketing.

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2013/08/30 10:01