• Astro Garden

    Partner: 6waves
    Astro Garden is an entertaining farmland simulation game developed by RedSpell. Users can manage and decorate their own farms, and conduct many different kind of researches including development of the elixir of eternal life.


    Astro Garden
  • Atlantis Saga

    Partner: iLogos / Nika / AAA
    Atlantis Saga is an amusing "match-3" game for a wide range of game players.

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    アトランティス サガ
  • Magic Kitchen

    Partner: iLogos / Nika / AAA
    Collect weird veggies, help the young witch's journey through picturesque lands. Villain Dr. Yolk, carnivorous flowers, omnipresent wetlands grass, dangerous explosive cherries, and many other obstacles will provide intriguing challenges for you.

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  • Magic Kitchen 2

    Partner:iLogos / Nika / AAA
    Dozens of new locations, a strengthened boss and well-known vegetables in the magic garden beds! Dear friends, hurry up to “Magic Kitchen 2”! New adventures are waiting for you!

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    Magic Kitchen 2

    Partner: iLogos / Nika / AAA
    In this lovely puzzle game, players can solve many challenging buzzle stages and rescue chicks by just clicking colorful jerry, bombs and helpful items.

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