• Warbanner

    Partner: Enixan
    In the game “Warbanner” you are to become the war leader in one of the mightiest countries of 18th and 19th centuries! Defeat your enemies, turn your settlement into a prosperous town, study the science and do everything in your power to make your country rule the whole continent!

    Yahoo!mobage  ゲソてん
  • Moon Valley

    Partner: Enixan
    Once getting under the covers, you are traveling to a magic world.
    When a kind enchantress of Moon valley disappeared without a trace, clouds thickened over all of its inhabitants.
    Start your exciting adventure with your cute friends and help the enchantress!

    Yahoo!mobage  mixi
    Moon Valley
  • Royal Garden

    Partner: Enixan
    Over 5Million people have played, the great fantasy miniscape game "Cloud Kingdom”the birth of Lumeria episode will finally come out.
    “Royal Garden” is the episode of when Kingdom of Lumeria was on the ground!

    Yahoo!mobage  mixi
    Royal Garden
  • Astro Garden

    Partner: 6waves
    Astro Garden is an entertaining farmland simulation game developed by RedSpell. Users can manage and decorate their own farms, and conduct many different kind of researches including development of the elixir of eternal life.

    Astro Garden
  • Cloud Kingdom

    Partner: Enixan
    An exciting game about the royal heirs, who are away from home. They have to evolve the household to trade with neighbors and find a way to restore the Kingdom by defeating the evil wizard!

    Yahoo!mobage  mixi Woopie
  • Totem

    Partner: Enixan
    Take a journey through time with archaeologists Martin and Jane! Help them to reveal the mysteries of ancient Totem, find their professor and return back home!

    Yahoo!mobage  mixi Woopie   ゲソてん
  • Golden Frontier

    Go on a search of a gold mine. Get ready for adventures and be sure, on this way you can rely entirely on courageous Clyde, charming Mary and cute forest Bear.

    Yahoo!mobage  mixi Woopie ゲソてん
    Golden Frontier
  • The Panic Room: Outrage

    Partner: Nikita Online
    The game offers users exciting and thrilling hidden object game experience with its music perfectly fitting the virtual environment atmosphere, high-detailed graphics and fascinating plot.


    Partner: Playkot
    WARZONE is an exciting strategy game in which users can become commanders of their own army bases and conduct combat and other missions to bring peace to the devastated country and its people.

  • Atlantis Saga

    Partner: iLogos / Nika / AAA
    Atlantis Saga is an amusing "match-3" game for a wide range of game players.

    Yahoo!mobage mixi
    アトランティス サガ
  • Magic Kitchen

    Partner: iLogos / Nika / AAA
    Collect weird veggies, help the young witch's journey through picturesque lands. Villain Dr. Yolk, carnivorous flowers, omnipresent wetlands grass, dangerous explosive cherries, and many other obstacles will provide intriguing challenges for you.

    Yahoo!mobage mixi
  • Magic Kitchen 2

    Partner:iLogos / Nika / AAA
    Dozens of new locations, a strengthened boss and well-known vegetables in the magic garden beds! Dear friends, hurry up to “Magic Kitchen 2”! New adventures are waiting for you!

    Yahoo!mobage mixi
    Magic Kitchen 2

    Partner: iLogos / Nika / AAA
    In this lovely puzzle game, players can solve many challenging buzzle stages and rescue chicks by just clicking colorful jerry, bombs and helpful items.

    Yahoo!mobage mixi
  • Robinson Island

    Partner: Pixonic
    BUILD A PARADISE all your own! Escape the dusty city and go for a tropic ride! The ADVENTURE begins today!

    Robinson Island